Thursday, November 8, 2012


Welcome to my first post!  I started this blog because i was inspired by my fellow petite bloggers to chronicle my adventures/challenges in developing a well-fitting wardrobe for the petite sized me.  I'm sure all of you have experienced the issues/frustrations with fit and the limited clothing options available for petites.  I didn't use to understand why i had so many clothes but at the same time, nothing to wear.  When i discovered the petite blogging world, i finally clothes were not fitting right.  That's why i have so many clothes but yet, i can never find anything to wear.  My resolutions for the year:

1. Incorporate more color/prints into my outfits
2. Buy better fitting clothes
3. Tailor my current wardrobe to fit me

= save more money yet have a better edited, well fitted wardrobe.

Hope you'll enjoy my journey as much as i will.

A beautiful black lace dress that i discovered on sale at H&M for $10.

Close up of the intricate neckline of the dress

H&M arm warmers/fingerless gloves that
 i have always wanted = $3!

Close-up of the glove part

More in future posts on how i will be styling my new pieces above....

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