Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I love the start of a new year, all the endless possibilities waiting to happen.  And what can't you have a new year without?  Why, a New Year's resolution, of course!  And mine is to blog more.

Last night, my lovely friend Karen invited me to a New Year's Eve party at her friend's friend's place at one of the nicest apartments I've ever been to.  I kicked off a new year by branching out of my comfort zone with my new dress and blazer jacket.  I've always wanted to rock the blazer/tuxedo jacket and dress look and i finally got a chance to.

Clockwise from left to right: Rachel Roy Dress (from Macy's) - sale $94, Black Clutch (from boutique in HK), H&M blazer/tuxedo jacket - $39.95, Nine West Heels (from several years ago)

I get cold very easily so it's very important for me to have something to wear over a dress especially a sleeveless one.  I wanted something age and occasion appropriate.  A shawl seemed too fussy.  A fur shrug would be too old-lady like and also too grand for the occasion.  A cardigan might work, if it was the right one, but i was afraid that it would snag on the sequins.  I finally came up with perfect choice - a blazer/tuxedo jacket.  Then I had to make the decision -----

Black (apologize for the blurry pictures and poor lighting in advance)....

Or white? (also H&M $49.95)

As you have probably surmised by now, I picked black.  I liked the color contrast and also the lapels of the black jacket.  It fit surprisingly well.  Besides, a black jacket is more versatile in my book though I do like the idea of a white blazer.  I ended up returning this white blazer as it was pretty similar to my black one.

Because it was cold last night, I also added black tights and arm warmers (the ones I mentioned here) under my blazer for the outside trek.  Arm warmers are surprisingly versatile for cold weather i.e. when you want to wear a sleeveless/short sleeve dress or shirt underneath a thin sweater and it's simply not warm enough without 2 long sleeve layers.  Plus, it's something that can be taken off once you get inside/to your destination so that you can be warm for the outside trek yet stay stylish for your event.  I highly recommend them.

Readers - what did you wear for New Year's Eve?  How would you dress warmly for winter festivities?  What are your new year's resolution(s)?

Also, any tips on how to remove the border around each picture?

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