Friday, January 18, 2013

Five ways to wear one necklace

Every girl loves having versatile pieces in their wardrobe.  The worse thing is to have a closet full pieces that stand alone but doesn't go with anything else.  In an effort to limit the amount of money I spend shopping and the number of unworn pieces in my closet, I have taken to buying only things that I can think of wearing several different ways.  I've been inspired by the "X ways to wear Y" posts from different bloggers including tobrightenmyday, fastfoodandfastfashion and extrapetite, as well as Lucky magazine so I've decided to do one of my own.

I just bought this necklace today from the Banana Republic sale - 40% off all items in stores. including clearance items  Orig price $45, Sale price $27.  I also had a $10 reward certificate so it ended up costing less.

Option #1: Wear as is.
I find this option to look best over 
plain long shirts/tops with a high neckline/collar.

 Option #2: Wear it as a short chain - the necklace is 
long enough to loop around once

Option #3: Wear looped around as in option #2 
but with one strand longer than the other. 
I deliberately left the clasps of the necklace in front (instead of in the back)
because I think it adds a little something special/extra.

Option #4: Wear it looped around as in option #2 
but have the strands criss cross each other.  
I'm not sure the strands will stay in this position - 
I may have to find a way to tie them together where they criss-cross...


Option #5: Wear it as a belt.  I have to say that
this option is the one that I'm most interested in trying out.

As a whole I tend to gravitate towards longer necklaces though I'm finding myself eyeing shorter ones lately.  With this necklace, I can have the best of both worlds...or shall I say, five worlds?  Anyways, how do you wear your necklaces?    


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